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In the late 1960s, Trinity Industries, Inc., after supplying components to the rail industry for many years, produced its first finished tank car.  Years of internal expansion and acquisitions followed as Trinity strengthened its railcar product line and developed a wide-ranging portfolio of products and services for the rail industry.

In 1979, Trinity made a commitment to enhancing its railcar service offerings with the formation of Trinity Industries Leasing Company. External acquisitions followed including some of the  leading names in the rail supply industry. Pullman-Standard was acquired in 1983. This provided further railcar products and manufacturing capabilities. In 1986, Greenville Steel Car was acquired as well as Standard Forgings of Chicago which brought an industry-leading axle manufacturer into the Trinity family.


Ortner Freight Car followed in 1987 bringing with it their industry-leading brand of Rapid Discharge® open hoppers. Transcisco Industries and McConway & Torley were acquired in 1996 and 1998, respectively. 2001 saw the combination of the two leading producers of railcars in North America when Trinity and Thrall Car Manufacturing combined. This year also saw the addition of Transport Capital, LLC. With these acquisitions, TrinityRail became a leading provider of railcar products and services with unmatched resources and expertise.

Recent years have seen fast paced internal growth, as TrinityRail’s product and service portfolio has expanded to meet our customer’s growing and evolving needs. Today, as TrinityRail continues to build upon our heritage and history to enhance and broaden our resources, we work to seamlessly package these resources in a tailored response to individual customer requirements. 


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