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Operating Leases

TrinityRail provides access to knowledgeable financing and leasing professionals with extensive rail industry experience that can offer tailored plans to meet individual shipping requirements.  A complete portfolio of leasing structures is available, including full service, net operating and per diem options.

With a full service lease option, our most comprehensive lease structure, we handle all aspects of the railcar including maintenance, regulatory compliance and administration.  This allows our customers to fully benefit form the strength and experience of TrinityRail through complete and trouble-free access to our extensive resources.  These include a staff of experienced fleet managers who take the day-to-day rail transportation and administrative decisions away from our customers allowing them to focus on managing their core business.  In addition, TrinityRail's access to a wide-ranging network of repair locations helps minimize out-of-service time, keeping railcars productive and working for our customers.

Our lease fleet is one of the fastest growing in the industry and is comprised of a wide variety of freight and tank cars moving products throughout North America.  With a complete portfolio of tailored leasing options, TrinityRail offers our customers targeted and customized solutions for the rail transportation of a broad range of products across a variety of industries.

For more information please e-mail Tom Jardine or call 214-589-8503.


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